Episode 04

Group Exhibition
August 30  —  September 20, 2019
-1 × Underground

“Episode” is the title for a series of group shows held at Mohsen Gallery every summer to highlight artworks of talented, emerging artists. Therefore, the audience of these exhibitions are mainly collectors and curators.
“Episode 04” is about the image of landscapes, which is not necessarily identical with nature painting. Landscapes are the spaces of labor, ownership, occupation, even tyranny and bondage. Landscape may be a political concept or even an idea-inducing machine: a system that moves things away from the truth or keeps it as mere potential, or a shell to be cracked to retrieve the context for truth. Landscapes can show the perception of time, light, and space, while, at the core, there is something else beyond fantasy and comprehension that raises questions pertaining to imagination and exploration.
Landscape painting is a metaphor for time, fantasy, and encounter as it can be a field of fantasy, reception, and analysis. Having the freedom of choice to adopt an objective or subjective approach, the artists here recount their individual narratives of the notion of landscape; countless narratives of life and death, identity, history, society, politics, captivity, and liberation. In some of their works, visual discovery is significant and in others intuition. To some of them, landscape is a setting in which history flows, some see it as a context for exploration and spontaneous contemplation, and others use it as an arena for fantasizing and considering subjective possibilities. Some view it as the idea of social structure, and others represent it as an environment for individual encounter with the world,