Sanam Sayehafkan

Sanam Sayehafkan (b. 1989, Rasht, Iran) has a BSc in Public Administration. She attended art and design courses to learn painting techniques and color theory. She has been studying theoretical and practical aspects of art under Behrang Samadzadegan since 2015. Her works have been exhibited in several group shows.

Suspended between dream and reality, I eventually dive deep into fantasy and an elusive maze as a way of escaping the sufferings of life, isolation, death, and oblivion. All events are the result of a series of images and elements coming together; elements that are interrelated yet complementary, reminiscent of the senselessness of time and space. Zigzag lines with transverse cuts direct the eyes to the bottom of the images and there is nothing in the end. It is as if everything is pregnant with something: something stained with nothing.

Sanam Sayehafkan, “The Invention of Solitude”, oil on canvas, 141 x 188 cm, 2018
Sanam Sayehafkan, “The Soft Moon”, oil on canvas, 70 x 90 cm, 2018