Zahra Ghyasi

Zahra Ghyasi (1981, Urmia, Iran) has a BSc in Computer Hardware Engineering as well as an MBA degree. She depicts the world around her in terms of the gaps that exist in reality. She believes a work of art can open a new horizon to reality and reveal what lies behind the familiar world.
The man of the Romantic era believed that he could perceive and appropriate nature through his own perceptions and emotions, and thus shape the world. Coming out of the Enlightenment, he aspired to be the hero of history in the path to perfection. Two centuries have passed since then. How does the subject find its place in nature today, after two hundred years of ever-increasing industrialization and passing through the ebbs and flows of modernity? Fallen, void, and dying.

Zahra Ghyasi, “Wanderer Falling Into the sea of Mist (After Caspar David Friedrich)”, oil on canvas, 150 x 200 cm, 2019