Alireza Rajabi

Alireza Rajabi (b. 1991, Tehran, Iran) has received his BFA in Illustration from the Islamic Azad University. Before his academic years, he was attracted to graffiti painting. Since 2009, he turned to figurative drawing. In the meantime, he also started playing in a band. After a while, however, he chose painting/drawing over music, because he considers painting to be a new challenge every day.

I always have a vague idea in my mind. Even though its roots run deep, I do not know what it really is. I pursue this idea as a goal, to which I eventually reach, to my surprise. To me, a painting is a scenery made of my thoughts. In this landscape, I turn my ideas into something tangible, which is at the same time even more inaccessible. Man is constantly exploring things and gaining more knowledge in order to abolish what he has already gained and to achieve something that he is going to lose one day. Man is always obsessed with the illusion of achieving; disregarding the fact that he encounters a new landscape every day.

Alireza Rajabi, untitled, acrylic on canvas, 192.5 x 183.5 cm, 2019
Alireza Rajabi, untitled, acrylic on canvas, 91.5 x 141 cm, 2018
Alireza Rajabi, “Episode 04” group exhibition, installation view, 2019