Arya Tabandehpoor
Exhibited Artist

Arya Tabandehpoor


Born 1985, Tehran, Iran


Educational Background

2007-Now. Studying MA in handicraft at Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran


Solo Exhibitions

2016 “Untitled”, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 “Untitled”, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 “Contiguity”, Mehrin Gallery, Tehran, Iran



Group Exhibitions

2016 No Man’s Art Pop-Up Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2016 No Man’s Art Pop-Up Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016 “Episode 01 / Prolongation”, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 “Playground”, No. 6 Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 Abi Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 “Zoo”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 “Binam, fotogallery Turner House, Cardiff, UK




2016 “Across the Lines”, A multidisciplinary collective/collaborative/interactive public art project directed by Bita Fayyazi, executed within a period of two weeks in Niavaran Cultural Center’s open grounds, sponsored by the Iranian Urban Art House, L’Oreal Makeup, and SazzBuzz.


2015 “In Cahoots”, An Open Studio (collective / collaborative / interactive) art project, executed within a period of 4 months in Bita Fayyazi’s new workshop. As an attempt to turn the new workshop into a space where artworks could be displayed, I in collaboration with number of other artists (visual artists, non-artistically inclined contributors, sound artists, performance artists and anyone interested in doing art), were invited to join in to make artworks with the material available in the workshop. “In Cahoots” was put on view for a selected number of invitees for 10 days.


2014 “Dream Catcher*”, An interactive/collaborative project funded by Prince Clause Foundation in Amsterdam, instigated and created by Bita Fayyazi. I was one of the contributing artists. Dream Catcher was executed within a period of 5 months in collaboration with other artists, non-artistically-inclined participators, thinkers, writers, critiques and anyone from any walks of life who visited the venue.


* Dreamcatcher is a decorative Native American object in the form of a hoop and net with attachments such as feathers, horse hair, string, yarn and bead, traditionally believed to give its owner good dreams and “filter out” bad dreams.





One of the Contributing artists in ““, Imago Mundi’s art-book project commissioned by Luciano Benetton, compiled by Bita Fayyazi. Publisher: Fabrica (Communication Research Centre for the Benetton Group), 2014, Italy


Working Experience

2013-2015 Worked as assistant with Bita Fayyazi on different art projects, Tehran


Art Fair

2016 This art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherland