Episode 08

Group Exhibition
October 15  —  October 31, 2021
-1 × Underground

Episode is a series of group shows, held twice a year at Mohsen Galley. With no overarching concept or theme, these shows seek to provide young, talented, up-and-coming artists with a context to connect with audiences, students, curators, and collectors. The eighth edition of the show will feature works by Hassan Ayazi, Farnaz Baghban Pirayesh, Leila Eskandari, Nazanin Gharanjik, Raziye Iranpour, Mahsa Mana, Seyed Mostafa Seyed Shoja, Nasim Shoja, and Samira Taheri.

“Episode 08” represents a diverse range of approaches and technical tendencies in painting and drawing in the works of a young generation of Iranian artists, while it is also the result of their personal and generational concerns. Encountering the works of these artists, we sometimes observe colorful fantasies that ironically reflect their anxieties, and sometimes we curiously want to explore and extract our own narrative through the collage of their nightmarish sub-narratives: a world both real and surreal, in which forms and shapes are borrowed, bodies are disintegrated, and landscapes are caught on the border of the real and the surreal. With all the distress and bewilderments of its artists, “Episode 08” seems to bring the news of an inevitable, imminent apocalypse.