Nasim Shoja

Nasim Shoja (b. 1990, Tehran, Iran) has received her BFA in Painting from Alzahra University. Nasim creates a fantasy world by syncretizing outstanding works of visual art, cinema and literature with her own dreams and mental images. Her work has been included in several group shows, namely “Episode 08” at Mohsen Gallery. Nasim Shoja lives and works in Tehran.

“Living on the Orbit of Inexistence”

Sometimes, external elements appear as symbols of our current characteristics. To me, suspended characters are pliable and interpretable elements that are utilized to deal with uncertain, ephemeral situations. Moreover, they are an epitome of the situation we are in. In the fluid passage between different elements and symbols with unknown depth, I seek to express the confusion and transitory nature of all life. Moreover, by creating suspense and ambiguity between the real and unreal of space, I want to generate mystery and engage my audience emotionally. I also encourage the audience to search for the hidden details of the works.

Nasim Shoja, “A Part of Her is Dead”, from “Living on the Orbit of Inexistence” series, oil on canvas, 100.5 x 150 cm, 2021
Nasim Shoja, “1:42 Tuesday”, from “Living on the Orbit of Inexistence” series, oil on canvas, 98.5 x 149 cm, 2021
Episode 08, installation view
Episode 08, installation view