Episode 01: Prolongation

Group Exhibition
August 19  —  August 31, 2016
-1 × UndergroundGF × Ground Floor

Episode 01 x Episode is the title of a series of group exhibitions that is to be held regularly, on a variety of subjects and with different media, in order to (re)invite art-lovers to visit the works of young artists, and to give the arts an economic boost.
The main aim of the shows is to create a context in which a group of artists, that Mohsen Gallery deems capable of shining in the vault of Iran’s sky of fine arts, might be introduced.
The audience of these shows are curators, collectors, critics, and scholars. Naturally, the fine arts enthusiasts will be welcomed to enjoy these exhibitions as well.
The shows do not necessarily focus on artists who are holding their first exhibitions. The emphasis, rather, is on presenting the works of those artists, whose talents are underrated, and on offering them an opportunity to exhibit their artworks, the process of selecting the artists involved consulting with seasoned artists, curators, university professors, heads of academic departments, and fine art experts, confiding in the views of consultants and recommenders. Thus, it is only obvious that Mohsen Gallery does not expect perfection and coherence, perquisite to any curated exhibition, and therefore the exhibited contents might not necessarily represent the taste and views of Mohsen Gallery.
The title clearly shows the abstract spirit of the exhibition: prolongation of what? Which category? What current?
Prolongation, used as a single word, is a signifier, not directly signifying anything. It is however, all about our choices – it is us who choose the direction in which we are to move. Is not the birth of child the simultaneous prolongation of love and pain? Is it not true that when we destroy the environment we are exactly prolonging death? Is it not fighting for freedom the prolongation of existence?
There is, therefore no unifying thread connecting the artists. The point of this show is to share numerous “prolongations”, capable of being separately considered and evaluated in the works and ideas of each induvial artist.
Is the prolongation merely abstract, or does it bring about significations, the juxtaposition of which can create paradigms that, along the lines of existence, reflect the human condition?
This, condition, regardless of being good or evil, is an important and undeniable part of our contemporary ontology.


Abbas Nasle Shamloo, Ali Moameri, Arya Tabandehpour, Davood Bayat, Kaveh Aalirezaei, Keiman Mahabadi, Mahmoodreza Zandpour, Mahsa Imani, Majid Biglari, Mehdi Moradpour, Mehri Rahimzadeh, Milad Jahangiri, Mmilad Mahmoudi, Nahid Behboudian, Nasim Afshari, Nazanin Mirzabeigi, Negin Mahzoun, Omid Mehdizadeh, Parastoo Haghi, Sara Sarmadi, Simin Rajabi, Sonalika Vakili, Sourena Zamani