Keiman Mahabadi

Keiman Mahabadi was born in 1990 in Tehran. He has a BA in theater and drama, and has received his MA in painting from the University of Science and Culture. Mahabadi started painting in School of Fine Arts in 2005. He has held 2 solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 11 photography and painting group exhibitions.
In humanities, “interposition” is defined as, “an intentional, planned, and targeted activity in a system or process that leads to elimination of an undesired phenomenon or averting it.”
Interpositions cannot be ignored. Interpositions might occur because of intrusiveness, personal gain, good or evil purposes, to help, prevent, by compulsion, or myriad other reasons. But interposition is above all unintentional. It is even better to say it is done, because we are used to doing it.
Keiman Mahabadi

Keiman Mahabadi, The Tower of Babel (After Bruegel), From “Interposition” Series, Oil on Cardboard, 35 x 50 cm, 2016
Keiman Mahabadi, “Saturn Devouring His Son (After Goyas)”, From “Interposition” Series,Oil on Cardboard, 41 x 23 cm, 2016
Keiman Mahabadi, “Ophelia (After Millias)”, From “Interposition” Series, Oil on Cardboard, 50 x 32 cm, 2016
Keiman Mahabadi, Lion Hunt (After Delecroix), From “Interposition” Series, Oil on Cardboard, 50 x 32 cm, 2016