3D Print

علی فی

Ali Phi’s latest project, “Land,” consists of several digital, audiovisual art installations that explore different ways through which land, inhabited land, and motherland affect his creativity, shaping what in turn makes his own version of utopia. Persian architecture, gardens, carpets, and textile patterns: all things based on which his personal and social identity is most particularly established. The main installation is at underground floor, where the audience encounters an interactive real-time generative piece that produces immediately fading patterns. No one is able to capture and stabilize these patterns—they all fade into the dark, black surrounding. Other works are a Point cloud audiovisual installation in an imaginary, non-existence place and an interactive installation made from lines in an abstract space. Meanwhile, one can hear a track from Ali Phi’s LEFT album: a sound track designed specifically for this digital art installation.

Ali Phi, untitled, 3D print, 199 x 161.23 x 40.62 mm, 2017