Ali Phi


Ali Phi (b. 1986, Tehran, Iran) started using computers as tool for connecting and mixing different media for making new forms of space after working in the field of experimental cinema and underground music movement of Tehran. His career in media arts started with the project “Elemaun” in 2008 by real-time and generative audio-visual performances. The digital process and flexibility in his works are an interrelation and a diverse and growing alteration between today’s media and capacities of presentation. The flow of his works is a relation that has been made possible between video presentations, programing, converting sounds to images and vice versa, and shifting the process of showing with motion into images and the interconnection between all of these elements and their transformation in computer. Ali Phi started working with TADAEX in 2011. He is the founder of “nullsight”: a media lab based in Tehran. He has participated in more than 13 group exhibitions in addition to a solo show and several media art installations in public spaces. Ali Phi lives and works in Tehran.