Ali Phi

A Rotation is the circular movement of an object around of rotation. Two-dimensional rotation can occur in two possible directions. A clockwise motion is one that proceeds in the same direction as a clock’s hands. The opposite sense of rotation or revolution is anti-clockwise. In our isotropic [uniformity in all directions] world, humans have developed time as a limit and put it on a timeline from left to right, and in logic to the opposite way. Any social acts against default frequency is acknowledged as different, anarchism, or progression, which may change the path that a group is passing through. As we consider anti-clockwise rotations, such as Earth’s rotation, spinning of planets, the solar system, hurricanes, meditative/spiritual movements, like Sufi whirling, Muslim rituals of Tawaf, and golden spiral, we indirectly experience a sense of tranquility and calmness.

Ali Phi, “Antitaimwaiz” , 2 Minutes Video loop, 2018