Portfolio 01

Group Exhibition
August 05  —  August 17, 2016
-1 × UndergroundGF × Ground Floor

Historically and before the era of artwork reproduction, a “portfolio” referred to a collection of works that would showcase an artist’s style and/or method.

Now, however, portfolios are standard ways of displaying artworks, the main audience of which are art collectors, museums, and universities: a common practice to re-invite art-lovers to view the artworks and contribute to the flourishing of the economics of art.

Intending to create a fresh context for showcasing artworks, drawing attention to the significance of collecting artworks in an integrated form, and inviting the audience to experience them first-hand, Mohsen Gallery is attempting to hold the exhibition for the first time, and is planning to continue with it in different fields and mediums.


Artists: Mehrdad Afsari , Azadeh Akhlaghi , Alireza Fani , Tooraj Khamenehzadeh , Shahriar Tavakoli