Episode 05

Group Exhibition
February 07  —  February 28, 2020
-1 × Underground

“Episode” is a series of group exhibitions held at Mohsen Gallery to display works by young, emerging artists in the contemporary art scene, reflecting the narrative language of a new generation and their unique visual concerns.

“Episode” is held twice a year, in summer and winter. Although the fifth edition of the series, “Episode 05,” was conceived in the same vain as previous editions, it encompasses a broader range of subjects. Homa Abdollahi, Armin Alian, Atena Fereydouni, Abolfazl Harouni, Mahmood Haqverdilo, Mohsen Hesari, Amir Karimi, Mahdieh Kavakebpanah, Neda Mirhosseini, Mohamad Ramshe, Maede, Salar, Tarlan Tabar, and Zahra Nouri Zonouz are the artists of this edition of “Episode.”

Using a variety of techniques and media and with the juxtaposition and coexistence of contrary things, the drawings presented in “Episode 05” is reminiscent of forgotten nature and fantastic elements of the real world.

Solid, muted, frail hues, in tandem with soft, loose, confident colors, and the simultaneous display of isolated bodies and abandoned, fragile, silent spaces in the vibrant, lively, colorful frames signify a tangible contrast.

These frames take various narratives that seem to be coming from myths, silver screens, newspaper headlines, or family albums, and place them in-between stories of passivity to the volition and consciousness of the mind; narratives that will never become mediocre or obsolete.