Mojtaba Amini

Exhibited Artist

Mojtaba Amini (b.1979, Sabzevar, Iran) has a BFA in Painting from The Collage of Fine Arts in University of Tehran. Amini’s bluntly morbid installations, paintings, sculptures, and assemblage are dismal and disturbing, dealing with the recollections of his own childhood and facing death, developing from there not only to a means of psychological healing, but also to reflect on the situation of people banished from their homelands, losing their lives resisting ignorance or violence rampant in our region. His body of works is a bleak inventory of things associated with death, dread, and departure. In order to build his phantasmagoria of artworks, he makes extensive use of materials such as leather, iron, sheepskin, soap, camel wool, and animal glue, and sandpaper. His works have been exhibited in numerous domestic and international shows. Amini lives and works in Tehran.