Mehrdad Afsari

Gallery Artist

Mehrdad Afsari (b. 1977, Khoy, Iran) is a photographer, video artist, and documentarian. He received his BFA in photography in 2000 and his MFA in photography from Tehran University of Art in 2006. With an urge to go beyond the externalities and appearances, Afsari’s images convey a conceptual dynamism that takes the viewer to a curious, subjective sphere. His camera does not impose its presence on the audience; rather, it invites obvious things from the fringes to be contemplated upon. Afsari takes the audience to a place surrounded with a host of fantastical reflections. His photographic method tend to drive the viewer towards and away from the moments that the images were taken: they are simultaneously real and hyper-real. Weather it is an ordinary flower vase or a vast, spectacular landscape, he deliberately avoids being explicit, which gives a mystical edge to his images. With each series, he explores philosophical, poetic, and existential themes from a different perspective. Thus, his works are not limited to the form and structure of a particular genre. Afsari has shown his works in numerous exhibitions both at home and around the world. He has been teaching at various art universities since 2006 and is an honorary member of the Iranian Visual Artists Society since 2004. Afsari lives and works in Tehran, Iran.