Nicène Kossentini (The Turquoise Dome)

Nicène Kossentini (b. 1976, Tunisia, Tunis) lives between Paris and Tunis. Her videos and photographs question the current events of our world. In this process, she always slips down the quest of aesthetics and poetry to confront cold violence. Each of her works is an invitation to experience a symbiosis with a space of life that is closed and uncertain at the same time. Her artistic research has established a work process, which conjures a conglomeration of dualities: presence and absence, kindred and foreign. Nicène Kossentini has participated in the African Biennial of Photography of Bamako, the Thirtieth Biennial of Art of Pontevedra in Spain, and the biennial of photography, Photoquai, in Paris. Her work has been shown in several museums.


I Remember I was in Love is a 16mm experimental film made up of three sequence-shots. Inspired by Joe Brainard’s autobiographical book I Remember, and the poem Haft Paykar, the film explores the temporality of memory through three love stories told by three anonymous voices. In each sequence shot, the filmmaker is listening to someone telling her an unforgettable memory of a love story. The intimate memories and the fragile material of analog film confront us with the elusive notion of time.

Nicène Kossentini, Still Image From “I Remember I Was in Love”, 16mm film transferred to video, duration: 32 minutes, 2019
Nicène Kossentini, “Haft Paykar” a group exhibition, installation view, 2019
Nicène Kossentini, “Haft Paykar” a group exhibition, installation view, 2019