The Experience of Dishevelment

Majid Biglari

The remains are the survivors of a catastrophe. Raw, scattered, and inconsistent signs of all the things that no longer exist. Signs that do not signify anything anymore. They are like disintegrated words, emptied of their senses, recounting no narratives. Ruins are the reduced experiences of humans. These fragments are objects that have become beautiful through repetition, and, with the passage of time, they shall become evidences for the corrupted parts of history. The real witness is the piece that seems to have never existed. The person who is not there, the reality that has never been depicted, and the truth that shall never be uttered.

Majid Biglari, “July 20, 2017”, from “The Experience of Dishevelment“ series, mixed media (plywood, steel, fiberglass, paint), larger piece: 180 x 180 x 190 cm , smaller piece: 140 x 140 x 230 cm , 2018
Majid Biglari, “13 Aban, 1358”, from “The Experience of Dishevelment” series, mixed media (paper, cardboard, etc.), 18 x 25 cm, 2017
Majid Biglari, “Factory 01”  Group Exhibition, installation view, 2018