White Heron on Black Cow
I do not want to call her works painting, statue, poetry or anything else. Her works are the songs of a woeful singer on Arvand bank, of a clan, of Merrah or women wearing traditional Bushiah face cover to hide their love and emotion.
She sympathizes with the sorrows of nostalgia of the women born in the tribe, fallen in love, married, became pregnant, and lived their lives and died in solitude. Their only companions are the cows they take out for grazing.
Mehregan’s works are rich in symbols, symbols of chests, heads, women and cows. They are filled with womanish qualities, pregnancy and their sorrows, like the cows the society is only buying their meat.
And the bones of cow heads that have no customers, thrown away on roadside to feed the worms, … But this time Sepideh Mehregan has eternalized them with her designs and paintings of the tribal women.
Arash Tanhayi April 2013

narrative no.4 2013 mixed Media 63X53 CM
narrative no.5 2013 mixed Media 63X53 CM
narrative no.3 2013 mixed Media 63X53 CM
2013/Robab/mix media/53×63
2013/Khachie/mix media/53×63
2013/Amineh/mix media/53×63
2013/kameleh/mix media/53×63
2013/Mahihe/mix media/53×63