I am Afraid Something Might Be Coming, Something That’s Not Right.

Lukas Junitsch

The perception of the world as a child is partly constructed by the way adults imagine a children’s cognition . Therefore, stereotypical and mostly idyllic illustrations stay in the collective memory of everybody and work their way through the time of coming-of-age . They form the perception of the world as something ideal, nearly utopian and within this, they stay powerful throughout a whole life and guarantee a base of security to read the world . One of the places where such illustrations can be found, are in Europe famous infant books, that content so called “Wimmelbilder” – a genre known since Pieter Brueghel the Elder or Hieronymus Bosch . Those “Wimmelbilder” are used to describe elementary topics like the environment, time or, like in my case, the four seasons . I transferred these pictures by on-glaze painting on four porcelain vases, each of them as a representative for one season of the year . The complex relation between processes and static notions can especially be found in the manifold depictions of nature: notions are always trying to give a meaning to things, which most of the time are not static and impossible to grasp . The tension between natural processes, such as the change of climate and, on the other hand, fixed ideas or concepts lead to a certain uneasiness within human perception ….

Height: 27 cm
Installation With
4 Porcelain Vases