Farda (Maryam Pesyan, Sara Sarkheil) in collaboration with Soheil Riahi

Women experience a variety of feelings throughout one single day, which is different in every individual based on her culture, society, age, and temperament. We have addressed a woman’s daily feelings in this series: a series of feelings that a woman experiences in certain hours of a day based on circumstances; and also the “appearancism” that she is obsessed with. She spends her day playing different roles such as a spouse, a mother, etc. many of which might not be accepted by the society. This series focuses on obsessions with appearance. Appearances have become the criteria for making decisions and judgments in our society, standing against virtues such as common sense, social standing, education, etc. This has been etched in our minds, both for men and unconsciously for women; that an ideal lady is the one who stands out in terms of her appearance, which is to say the true meaning of beauty has been distorted in women’s mindset, which is partly stemming from society and partly form our subconscious minds. This recurring process will never stop unless we make a dramatic change in our attitudes; and lack of this self-awareness and self-confidence will be a stumbling block in people’s growth and maturity.

Farda (Maryam Pesyan, Sara Sarkheil) in Collaboration with Soheil Riahi, “Chapter #1-5-5:30′ “, Installation, Costume Design/ Video , 50 x Bottles Bottles: Glass, Olive Oil, Hair, 2018
Farda (Maryam Pesyan, Sara Sarkheil) in Collaboration with Soheil Riahi, “Chapter #1-5-5:30′ “, Video , 2018