Paintings that Go Beyound Their Frames

Jan. 7, 2016

Dr. Hossein Khatibi, psychiatrist and social scientist, reviews Tania Pakzad’s last exhibition from psychological perspective. He states that when human being is born, he starts learning from his environment. This process starts with parents and later peer group and then society. This cognition shapes one’s characteristics. On the other hand, all data stored in the subconscious leads human being towards formation of his character and behavioral patterns. In Tania Pakzad’s paintings, we can see drawers and closets. Putting things in the closets demonstrate one’s effort to organize his surroundings. Over the course of life, many happenings are entered our mind and categorized in the closets of our memory. Tania’s closets differ from each other in shape and color and they symbolize human characters. Personality-wise, each viewer can find some similarities in the closets with his/her own characteristic.

Source: Shahrvand Magazine, issue 747, December 30, 2015