Mahmoudreza Zandpour Talks About the Relationship Between Art, Media and Nature

Jan. 7, 2016

Mahmoudreza Zandpour in an interview with Saba Art and Culture News Agency on his last exhibition at Mohsen gallery says: I feel the nature is cold, to me, nature is an honest and simple environment, that’s why the colors I use in my painting are pure and green color is dominant. I have been always concerned with nature and animals.
He says taking care of his pet has changed his perspective towards life and led him to the creation of some collections. He does not trust the mass media since he believes they pretend to protect animals but in reality they promote the factories producing clothes with animal fur. He says his works can be included in postmodernism category. Regarding the tittle of the exhibition, he says: once nature was the main resource for human behavioral patterns but now it is replaced with media. Since media cannot be trusted “You Play my Game” is an order which the modern human being has to obey.
Source: Saba Farhang o Honar News Agency, January 2, 2016