Apprehension Jungle

Tooraj Khamenehzadeh
May 23  —  June 03, 2014
-1 × Underground

Anytime I stopped, it was standing right by my side.
It was already there, even before I arrived.

“And at the appalling dark
There is no sound save its
Apprehension is the conqueror, everything else conquered.”1

Anywhere I stopped, without looking back;
At what keeps me chained to the past or distressed from the future.
At what I’m escaping from and what I find refuge in.

“Was it due time, we ask
And the Apprehension Jungle is still there
At night we fear, and at day we fear.”2

“Apprehension” is standing.
As you behold it, it stares at you.
As you stop, it stands right beside you.

1. Kar e Shabpa / Nima Yushij
2. Hengam / Mehdi Akhavan Sales