Ruin Is the Beginning

Group Exhibition
January 12  —  February 20, 2018

Empty cavities in a void and porous volume into which the wind can blow: it seems like the remnant of a creature, long dead, rotten on the inside, the skin decomposed on the outside. It has become hollow for an invisible entity to pass through.

A desolate place in a humid climate, the bark of the trees is covered with moss. Mist and moisture make it impossible to see the distance. A thick carpet of dead leaves is formed on the surface of the soil. Beneath this surface, there is life on a different scale.

A carcass in the woods; a creature that once had the breath of life, is now foot for others; a body fragmented into tens of thousands of particles, continuing to exist in now living creatures: a full-fledged, overwhelming demonstration of the great power of life, coming out of ruin, destruction, and perdition.

“Ruin Is the Beginning” is a constantly transforming creature in the midst of a dramatic resurrection, in a state of suspended animation, between heaven and earth, between inexistence and coming into being. A wandering ghost, half-awake, hoping to see the glory of life running in its veins once again, reveals its face to us. A profile that looks both hideous and stunning. A body both sterile and pregnant. It depends on the eyes of the beholder.