Seyed Mohamad Mosavat


Seyed Mohamad Mosavat (b. 1983, Tehran, Iran) is a painter, writer, and theater director. He started his artistic career as a painter, holding several solo shows and participating in many group exhibitions, such as “Oranium-e Qanizadeh” [“Uranium Enrichedson”] and “Samosa” in Day Art Gallery. After receiving his BFA in Painting from Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, he changed his major to Theater and studied in the same university, performing several plays, such as “The Army of Mirza Malkom Khan Khanboluki,” “The Theater House of Qias al-Din Ma’alfareq,” “Friday Noon Story,” “Family,” “Beyzai,” “Fatherless,” and “This Is Not a Pipe.” He has won several awards from Iran International University Theater Festival and Fajr International Theater Festival. Bootimar publications has published two of his plays, namely “Friday Noon Story” and “Yaftabad.”