Sasan Abri

Exhibited Artist

Sasan Abri (b. 1984, Tehran, Iran) began his career as a self-taught photographer and later continued to study under recognized Iranian photographers. Abri makes use of unusual cameras, such as pinhole camera and Polaroid. He especially enjoys working with Polaroid, through which he manipulates the final result by experimenting with various chemicals during the photographic processing in order to achieve his desired effect. He has an alternative approach in printing his photos. He splits photographs into smaller pieces and prints them tile by tile using chemicals and different tools such as spoon and fork. Eventually, he creates his own photographic puzzle and takes the editions off from the photographs and brings uniqueness in his work. He was awarded the fourth place in Florence Biennale 2021 in the photography category. He has held five solo shows and has participated in more than 20 group shows. Abri lives and works in Tehran.