Sara Abbasian

Exhibited Artist

Sara Abbasian (b. 1982, Tehran, Iran) received her BFA in Painting in 2014. In her bitter, dark, apocalyptic and black-and-white drawings, she explores the often inhumane behaviors of the contemporary man. Her works are informed by an awareness of social issues, both domestically and in the wider global context. The themes of her works include war, violence, death, destruction, disease, and decadence, usually permeated with a sense of irony. She uses different media, such as drawing, painting, and installation. She has held 14 solo shows and participated in more than thirty group shows in Iran and abroad, namely Athens Digital Arts Festival, 2008; Luciano Benetton Collection, Imago Mundi Art, Venice, 2015; and Art Dubai, 2018. Abbasian lives and works in Tehran.