Samira Hodaei

Exhibited Artist

Samira Hodaei (b. 1981, Tehran, Iran) is an artist whose tapestries are like paintings that have a distinctive appearance. She uses oil and glass paint, which she dabs directly from the tube onto the canvas. Thus, Hodaei’s paintings emerge from pixel-like dots: a unique blend that defines her practice. After several residencies in Switzerland at the Oryx Foundation, Hodaei moved to Berlin in 2017. After her residency in Künstlerhaus Bethanien, she began to experiment with installation art. With “Cinema Europe,” Hodaei tells the tale of existence on the black screen. The dialog that Hodaei seeks to trigger around and through her work take a much wider stance as she moves her work from Swiss galleries and international art fairs to the public realm, with her first installation, “Presence of an Absence,” having taken place in Iran and Azerbaijan. Her works have been part of solo and group shows across Europe, the USA, the UAE, Asia, and Australia. Hodaei lives and works between Tehran and Berlin.