Mahsa Aleph

Exhibited Artist

Mahsa Aleph (b. 1990, Ardabil, Iran) received her BFA in Painting from the Tehran University of Art in 2013. Besides painting, she has been working with fabrics and clothing design since 2012. She has also been designing and executing installations for new urban displays since 2014. In most of her works, she opts for providing a “setting”; an approach that can be seen in all her other activities. In “Only the Writer Has Read the Book” (2013), Aleph endeavors to return language to its zero point, using a salt-cured book, impossible to read, interpret, or translate. “Aleph’s Library” (2017), “An Introduction to Aleph’s Library” (2017), and the present series, “The Aleph Archive” (2018), are all made in a similar vein, alluding to a kind of thought that is ready to sacrifice anything for the author’s illusory intentions. Mahsa Aleph has participated in several group exhibitions and “The Container Made of the Contained” is her third solo show. Aleph lives and works in Tehran.