Amir-Nasr Kamgooyan

Exhibited Artist

Amir-Nasr Kamgooyan (b. 1982, Tehran, Iran) has received his BFA in Graphic Design from the Shiraz Soore University. His fascination with printmaking, and later on, photogravure, drew him to study and learn them. He opened his own printmaking workshop in 2006. Apart from the technical processes, Kamgooyan’s works are rooted in hand-printing techniques, revolving around the contrasts between the organic (i.e. life) and the mechanical (i.e. knowledge). The relation that these two poles have to each other is interwoven, intricate, and even inseparable. He has held five solo shows and his works have been included in more than 20 group shows in Iran and around the world. Kamgooyan lives and works in Tehran.