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Pooneh Oshidari


Pooneh Oshidari (b. 1984, Tehran, Iran) received her BFA and MFA in Illustration from the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Tehran. She is a member of the Association of Iranian Painters. Oshidari has held numerous solo exhibitions and her works have been included in more than eighty-five group shows.
A mass is formed by the entanglement, the accumulation, and the multiplication of the elements, growing, nesting, and occupying. It is small at first, but it grows bigger and thicker and gets caught up in itself. It develops and interweaves until it covers. Ultimately, it encompasses everything and changes the shape of the space. Whatever remains covered in the space goes on as a great mystery. A mass is sometimes the cause of suffering and sometimes a way to redemption. Sometimes what grows is like a hideout that covers the truth in order to avoid possible threats and dangers.
A hideout is where you go to be forgotten so that you can survive.
A hideout is where the truth becomes a mystery.
A hideout is where you are safe from all your fears.
A hideout is a temple.
We only see the surface of a garden. In this project, the lower part of the garden (the roots) is exposed. Throughout its four-week lifespan, this living installation requires daily care, irrigation, and light so that the green stems can grow as the roots slowly cover the image.

Pooneh Oshidari, “Hieout”, installation view, 2019
Pooneh Oshidari, “Hieout”, installation view, 2019