Mojtaba Amini’s Site Specific Installation

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, eighteenth century ruin and decay artist, has drawn a series of 16 imaginary subterranean prisons. He has depicted enormous gothic labyrinths and halls, with mysterious scaffoldings and wheels hanging from the ceilings with thick ropes. Instruments of torture and death can also be seen on the floors. The stairs of these dark labyrinths and ruined castles suggest degeneration and death. Every dark and ludicrous decoration is reproduced. After these designs, I made pendants reminiscent of those hanging from the ceilings of churches, temples and mosques. They are luminous and gaudy. I added little bits and pieces to them and removed things from them. And I painted it all black. It is dark and ugly and can come in handy.

Mojtaba Amini