Daryoush Gharahzad

Exhibited Artist

Daryoush Gharahzad (b. 1976, Tehran, Iran) studied painting under great masters in his early 20s. During those early years, he experienced with different styles of painting. His unique vision led him to learn graphic design and later on, he worked with design studios besides his painting activities. Working in both fields of painting and design for more than a decade gave his works their unique quality. For the most part, his work is informed by the urban life of modern-day Tehran, particularly the booming youth culture and the ways in which it quietly contravenes the conventions of the society. Ambience and color play a significant role in his compositions: women wearing colorful headscarves set against colored walls, while graffiti, a new form of expression among the youth of Tehran, is retooled as something beautiful. Gharahzad has been studying Tehran’s community of women and their social conditions for almost a decade. The contrast between Tehran’s modern urban life and the traditional conditions of women is prominent in his works. As a painter with social concerns, he has created a new image of contemporary Iranian women by utilizing elements of Pop Art. These paintings are so realistic that they are often mistaken for photographs. Gharahzad’s regular presence in notable auctions, such as Christy’s Dubai and Sotheby’s London, has made a significant impact on his works. He lives and works in Tehran.