MOHSEN Gallery is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Tehran. It was founded by Ehsan Rasoulof in memory of Mohsen Rasoulof on January the 8th 2010.

Mohsen Rasoulof, the Iranian young photographer and illustrator, died in a plane crash in 2008.

MOHSEN Gallery has been a constant, vital force in the art scene of Iran and has introduced many renowned artists’ work to the public for the first time. The gallery actively represents an international group of leading contemporary artists and estates, embracing diverse artistic practices, from painting, sculpture and photography to video, performing art and new media. Artists represented have exhibited extensively in museums, galleries, biennales and art fairs world-wide. The gallery has been promoting Iranian creatives since its establishment, including both emerging and established artists.
MOHSEN Gallery is characterized by its commitment to a rigorous curatorial model. Thanks to the dynamic partnership with KOOSHK Residency in Tehran, the gallery has provided this opportunity to promote both international artists in Iran and Iranian artists in the world.
The building was renovated and designed in 2015. It includes two major exhibition spaces —MOHSEN Gallery Ground Floor “GF” with an area of 61m² and 2.7m high and Under Ground “-1” with an area of 127m² and 3m high— as well as a private viewing room, office space, a warehouse and a Café. In addition, at the center of the building, a top-lit, 7m² and 9m high gallery entitled “Pasio”, is used for special projects or for the display of a single artwork or installation. On the rooftop of MOHSEN Gallery there is a space named “Bam” with an area of 250 m² space used as an outdoor venue. At the entrance of the premises, there is a space named “Hayat” with an area of 90 m² for the purpose of exhibiting artworks with city subject matter. Inside the Gallery premise, there is a 128m² and 7m space entitled “Darbast Platform” for non-profit projects such as video art, music, performing art, experimental cinema, new media, installation and lectures.
Over the past six years, MOHSEN Gallery has mounted more than 200 solo and group exhibitions and 140 events and has published over 300 catalogs and 5 books. The gallery publications complement the exhibition program. Carefully selected writers and respected critics provide insight to the artists’ working process, resulting in exhibition catalogs that are not only creatively designed and printed, but which add to the scholarship of contemporary artistic discourse.
The Gallery also uses social media in order to provide its viewers with a comprehensive schedule and a history of the events.