Never Never Land

Arwa Al Neami

Where censorship is widespread, satire, parody, and political humor are often the best or only means available to air opinions, voice dissent, or challenge government institutions or officials. Mockery can destroy mystique, break tensions, and disarm seemingly omnipotent, oppressive powers.
In countries like Saudi Arabia, where public protest is forbidden and political activism is curtailed, there is a fount of material which artists are tapping into with great success. This project uses the quality of humour to test the potential of art as a critical instrument for the analysis of social, political and cultural issues. A response to an outburst of creative dissent in recent years, the project features a wealth of short films, animations, posters, installations and works that are at times witty, wry and sometimes hold dark observations on everyday life, while simultaneously offering insightful commentary on the absurdities of human relationships. ‘Every
Joke is a Tiny Revolution’ George Orwell