Nazanin Gharanjik

Nazanin Gharanjik (b. 1996, Gorgan, Iran) has a BFA in Painting from the Tehran University of Art. Her work has been included in several festivals and group shows namely“Episode 06” in Mohsen Gallery.  Gharanjik lives and works in Tehran.

“The Incident”

The idea for the work was conceived by reflecting upon the notions of order and how it changes the narrative of our day-to-day lives and bring about new constellations. While I am observing the on-going events, I think about the incidents from the past, which can drive me to make comparisons and find similar patterns. The coincidence of thinking about the past and the present as well as fantasizing about the future brings about intermediate spaces that are boundless. I can empty these spaces or fill them with elements and objects. Whether objects are familiar or strange, they remind me of moments and details from the paradoxes of life and affect the way I iterate the narratives I have heard. The curiosity about the multifaceted meaning of the created composition disrupts the continuity and the status quo, and from chaos and disorder, they give birth to structures that make us re-experience certain moments.

Nazanin Gharanjik, “Another Place”, from “The Incident” series, oil on canvas, 140 x 200 cm, 2020
Nazanin Gharanjik, “Episode 06” group exhibition, installation view, 2020