Atena Fereydouni

Atena Fereydouni (1986, Tehran, Iran) has a BFA in Painting from the Tehran University of Art. She has held one solo show and participated in several group exhibitions. Fereydouni lives and works in Tehran.

Slowly and silently, we chase after or try to find something that we carry with ourselves here and there, somewhere in the depths of our subconscious. The place, time, or moment that is supposed to take us to our dearest and innermost desires.

Atena Fereydouni, “6 Days Ago”, from “Mehrabad” series, oil on canvas, 120 x 150 cm, 2020
Atena Fereydouni, “6 AM”, from “Mehrabad” series, oil and acrylic on wood , 74 x 100 cm, frame size: 86 x 112 cm, 2020