Amirhossein Bayani / Underground

Amirhossein Bayani

In most of his works, Amirhossein Bayani has an implicit approach to the concept of political power and authority, presenting his concerns in a figurative fashion. “Underground” is off of Bayani’s new series that is closely linked to his “Fidelity: Names of Politics.” The two series’ conceptual overlap is their dealing with deaths that are related to politics, but they differ in their narrative subject matters. “Underground” is a passionate and romantic representation of the death of people whose names are reduced to statistics and numbers, hinted at in general news sections and posts. In this piece, Bayani has used various conceptual mosaics and elements that are irrelevant to the story, to construct a painterly narrative.

Amirhossein Bayani, “Underground”, oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm, 2020