Episode 03: Hidden

Aug. 28, 2018
“Episode 03: Hidden” 

Group Exhibition
Curated by Behrang Samadzadegan
Artists: Bamdad Aminzadeh, Emad Anooshiravani, Niloufar Fallahfar, Sara Ghods, Zahra Ghyasi, Negar Karimkhani, Masoumeh Mohtadi, Payam Qelichy, Alireza Rajabi
Opening Reception: August 31, 2018, 4:00 – 9:00 PM
Mohsen Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition entitled “Episode 03: Hidden” curated by Behrang Samadzadegan running from August 31 through September 12, 2018.
“Hidden” is first and foremost the continuation of Mohsen Gallery’s annual “Episode” exhibitions that seeks to provide a platform for artists and project, offering them an opportunity to be seen. In this regard, the exhibition includes two groups of artists: the newcomers to the art scene who have never exhibited their works; and the projects of the artists that are not seen before, although the artists themselves are relatively well-known.
This show is held parallel to another exhibition that showcases the works of three selected artists of the Mohsen Projects’ Grants (Pasio, Hayat, Bam). More than half of the artists of “Hidden” were selected from the shortlisted artists of the grant.
The criterion according to which the works were selected was that all the works of the show were to imply something hidden or unseen one way or another. Some of them include a hidden text inside the work. In other words, the subject-matter of the core content of the works remains hidden behind the aesthetic structure of the work. In fact, the artists put the narrative text or the language of the image to the test so as to find out how much they can be appreciated by the audience. In other works, the artists’ intention is to see the possibility of making errors in observing and perceiving the work. Another group is consisted of artists who approach the landscapes, shapes, and objects in a peculiar way. That is, the subjective approach of the artists has rarely been adopted before. In this regard, before the artists seek to communicate or consolidate a message or a narrative through their works, they make use of the creative process and its observation to explore what is concealed from the preconditioned eyes of the audience.