The Last Monkey

Nahid Behboodian
February 05  —  February 17, 2016
GF × Ground Floor

With their pollen, flowers spread life all across the planet Earth. They have attracted many creatures. They increase the relation between the creatures. They give color and scent to life. Monkeys were attracted to the fruits of the flowers and a fine relation was formed between them that marked the beginning of the monkey’s fruit-eating habit and the awesome transformation of the monkeys. Flowers increased their kinds with their magical power and took over the fields; the same fields that the monkeys first stood on their two feed. The flowers went on: they began to sprout, bud, and bloom, seducing the insects, spreading pollen, producing seeds… There were no sign of the colossal, primordial plants anymore: they became extinct, having been pressed between rocks, turning into fossils. Just as the old primitive monkey died and was buried in the fields. The flowers were still carrying on and various flowers peeped out from beneath the ground, where the dead monkeys were buried. Once, on the planet Earth, there were monkeys that were the last ones of their generation, carrying a mysterious fetus in a vulnerable crust.