The Exhibition of The selected Artists for The First Annual Mohsen Project’s Grants

Group Exhibition
August 31  —  September 12, 2018

Mohsen Projects Grants is the cornerstone of an annual opportunity for young Iranian artists to present their new ideas and artworks in the arena of contemporary art. In its inaugural edition, Mohsen Gallery provides the selected artists of the project with its three unique platforms, namely Pasio, Hayat, and Bam, to realize their ideas.
The first Mohsen Projects Grants was defined in the winter of 2017. In the open call, that included the age limit of 25 to 40, artists could apply individually or as groups and they could formulate and send their ideas in three months. The proposals were considered in April and five projects were selected for each space. Later, the selected artists of the first stage were interviewed by the jury of the grant, and one work was selected for each space. The finalists were announced in June. During the three months, i.e. from June to the exhibition in September, the selected artists worked together with the gallery to develop their project according to the characteristics of each space.
Moreover, considering the dynamic quality of the projects, an open studio program was planned before the official opening of the show. During the one week in which the works for the first exhibition of Mohsen Projects were being installed and set up, artists had the opportunity to interact and socialize with their audience.
Mohsen Projects is an opportunity and a challenge for young Iranian artists to create, develop, make assessments, and realize their projects. What we see in Bam, Pasio and Hayat is the result of collaboration between the selected artists of the first edition of the grant and Mohsen Gallery.