Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (TADAEX)

Group Exhibition
November 09  —  November 16, 2018
-1 × UndergroundGF × Ground Floor


With the aim of preparing the ground for interdisciplinary art as well as creating an interactive, independent platform for the enthusiasts, the Tehran Annual Digital Festival (TADAEX) was established in 2011 in Tehran. The high cost of equipment on the one hand, and a lack of opportunities and proper platforms for cooperation of Iranian and international technophile on the other, have made it increasingly difficult for Iranian artists, engineers, and scientists to participate and experiment in the art fields that are intermixed with technology and science. Therefore, there have been limited capacities for exhibitions and presentations of artworks, if any. With 250 participants from Iran and 20 other countries in seven editions of the festival, TADAEX has constantly sought to broaden the horizons and also build and develop collaborations by allocating funding awards (TADAGRANT), interacting with the cultural sections of embassies, collaborating with universities and international festivals, holding workshops and talk sessions.

With “Overt and Covert” as its overarching theme, the 8th edition of the festival will be held from November 9 to 16. More than 40 Iranian and international participants from 8 countries will show their works in three venues: the spaces of Mohsen Gallery, Nabshi Center, and Ava Art Levels in Ava Center. The spaces of Mohsen gallery and Nabshi Center will accommodate 30 installations and more than 15 audiovisual performances and video screenings, as well as 12 artist talks, and a session on art, science, and technology will be held at the Ava Art Levels in Ava Center. The artworks of this edition of the festival have been selected through an open call.

To help the artists convey their ideas and the audience to interact with interdisciplinary arts, the TADAEX team will assist the visitors and take them on two tours in both Mohsen Gallery and Nabshi Center. The admission is free for the exhibition and the talks.