Episode 09

Group Exhibition
February 04  —  February 13, 2022
-1 × Underground

“Episode” is a series of group shows, held annually at Mohsen Gallery. With no overarching concept or theme, these shows seek to provide young, talented, up-and-coming artists with a context to connect with audiences, students, curators, and collectors. The ninth edition of the show will feature works by Mahsa Arabzadeh, Hanie Farhadinik, Mina Ghahremani Ghadar, Sahar Jafari, Sahar Kheitan, Setareh Nejadi, Nevisa Sayyadian, Nima Sayyadian and Tara Shoeyb.

“Episode 09” represents different attitudes towards events, nature, and the concept of habitat with a variety of approaches and techniques. As in previous shows, these works address personal issues, with a wide range of concerns that are particular to the younger generation. Landscapes are transformed in their paintings and drawings, so that they are depicted as the artist has experienced them. It is sometimes imaginative and disturbing, sometimes desolate and harsh, and sometimes in conflict with humans: indecisive and suspended, not different from the situation in which this generation struggles.

The artists whose works are included in “Episode 09,” manipulate situations and landscapes by using poetic intricacy in some cases, and deliberate violence in others, so as to find a place for the longing and the distress, even in spaces void of figures. These two overall approaches are combined to make artworks that move back and forth between the realms of reality and dream, in a playful and fluid fashion.