Yalda Eskandari

Exhibited Artist

Yalda Eskandari (b. 1987, Tehran, Iran) has received her BFA in Graphic Design from Alzahra University. As a university student, she started focusing on Fine Art photography and became interested in photographic theories and philosophy as well as photography’s relation to other disciplines. Yalda is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the concept of “place” and its relation to other notions, such as gender, geography, and migration. Her artistic process begins with research and does not necessarily end with the medium of photography. In her research-based projects, she makes use of photography, film, sound, installation, etc. Yalda has held 3 solo shows and has participated in several group shows, namely “Art X Feminism,” held by Nubuke Foundation in Ghana. Yalda Eskandari lives and works in Tehran.