Maryam Pesian & Sara Sarkheil

Exhibited Artist

Maryam Pesian (b. 1991, Tehran, Iran) and Sara Sarkheil (b. 1991, Tehran, Iran) graduated from the Islamic Azad University with an architectural degree. The collective started their cooperation by establishing the Farda brand. Their goal was to design and produce a type of clothing that, by combining art and fashion, offered something different from conventional styles and, in addition to quality and beauty in their collections, was avant-garde in designing forms and executing spaces. A visionary approach is at the core of Farda’s design. This idea has been realized with Maryam and Sara using unusual materials in addition to fabrics and sewing. Maryam and Sara exhibited their work entitled “Chapter #1, 5:00-5:30” in the “Noxte” group show at Mohsen Gallery in 2019. “Chapter #2, 6:10” has been designed with violence against women as its central theme. Other than Iran, the works of Farda have been shown in other countries, such as Italy, Romania, Spain, and Germany, as well as other countries. Their designs have been published in various magazines, such as Schön! of England and Cosmopolitan of Romania and Kooss of Spain. The two artists live and work in Tehran.