Azadeh Akhlaghi

Exhibited Artist

Azadeh Akhlaghi (b. 1978, Shiraz, Iran) is a post-conceptual artist, whose main concern is photography, video arts, and making short movies. A graduate of the RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, azadeh worked as an assistant director to Abbas Kiarostami and Manijeh Hekmat between 2005 and 2008 while she made a couple of short films that were screened in numerous film festivals at the Berkeley Art Museum, Pusan and Oslo. Since 2009, her interests shifted to conceptual art and staged photography. Azadeh is Sovereign Arts Prize Finalist in 2016; a recipient of the third prize from the UN-Habitat photography competition 2009, London, UK. Her “By an Eyewitness” series received great attention locally and internationally. Akhlaghi has participated in numerous art exhibitions in Iran, Turkey, France, India, Australia, UK, and USA. Azadeh lives and works between Tehran and Melbourne.