Ars Electronica 2018

Group Exhibition
September 06  —  September 10, 2018
Art Fair

Ever since the inception of Ars Electronica Festival in 1979, considerable advancements have been made in the sphere of media art and scientific, artistic, cultural, and societal innovations have been introduced. Hosting the festival and focusing on the concepts of art, technology, science, and society, the city of Linz has been designated by UNESCO a the city of media art and a creative context for culture, and economy. Under the banner of “Error: The Art of Imperfection,” the latest edition of the festival summoned hundreds of artists, scientists, engineers, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and social activists, scientists, engineers, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and social activists worldwide to gather in Linz during September 6-10, 2018. First introduced in the festival through the collaboration of TADAEX with the Ars Electronica network, the Iranian media art scene was represented in the Gallery Spaces section of the festival by two works by Ali Phi and Arya Tabandehpoor. “QAL” is an interactive/generative installation by Ali Phi with a futuristic approach to the fate of Iranian carpet, an Arya Tabandehpoor’’ machines of his “Corruption” series reconsider the function of the machine and the deeper layers of a photograph (image codes). Since last year, the Ars Electronica Gallery Spaces was added to the festival in response to growing mutual interest on the part of media artists, collectors, and galleries as a setting for protagonists to compare experiences and to discuss, among other topics, such core issues as the long-term maintenance and conservation of media art projects and the many new formats and business models manifesting themselves on the growing online art market.