Mohsen Gallery Turned 7
Jan. 7, 2017

Mohsen Gallery’s logo was designed based on the idea of metamorphosis. It is a living creature, whose organs are tools that may open, close, stretch, and fold It shifts from one shape to another, while retaining its structure. Is about contemporary urban identity of the metropolis. This collective design project is the outcome of a collaboration between Mohsen Gallery and StudioKargah that began in 2010.


The visual identity of Mohsen Gallery has been inspired by urban landscapes. Maps, addresses, traffic signs, murals, metal letters, cement and girder textures, and urban constructions have been used in the designs. Similar to a metropolis, the visual identity of Mohsen Gallery is subject to constant change, entailing naivety, order, and chaos simultaneously. This is an ever changing factory. This design of this series has been inspired by billboards, bulletin boards, and urban structures. All the stages of the design process, is a piece by piece making of a defective, ruined, and abandoned subject. It is the unification of construction and demolition. In the designs, the theme of devastation contains the hidden truth of notions such as progress and development. The gray sky in the background is shot in Tehran before the dark and the presence of man has been removed from urban landscape. This series of images do not have a definitive, clear function. They usually do not communicate specific information to the audience. It is for events, such a gallery’s opening anniversary or a poem that distills a gallery’s approach, that they have been designed and published in the cultural and art publications.