Little Guardians
Curated by
Tala Porbaha

December 23  -  December 30, 2016

In the beginning there was nothing and the Creator created the earth. There was evening and there was morning and the Creator created humans on earth. And humans created humans thereafter. Little humans on earth created garments from refuse and photographed those garments so as to tell us something…

May we not destroy each other’s creatures, for destruction, like creation, comes with a domino effect.


Tala Porbaha




at·ten·tion noun \ə -‘ten(t)-shən\

a: the act or state of applying the mind to something

b: a condition of readiness for such attention in-

volving especially a selective narrowing or focusing

of consciousness and receptivity

watch verb\’wäch,’wöch\

a: to be attentive or vigilant

b : to keep guard

As a fashion designer, I put all my effort into tending to the children’s instincts vis-à-vis the designing of the clothes in this project. The authenticity of the children’s instinct when selecting the form and the components of the clothes became my primary goal, and tending to this instinct became my emotional priority, and I feared of lapsing during this project many times, and eventually I figured the way to go was to trust nature.


Neda Nasr




Taking photos of children who, symbolically with their garments, were concerned with preserving nature, made an image in my mind that was far more important to me than fashion photography. In the nature near Tehran, we found places that all were marked by human interference: sometimes implicitly and sometimes explicitly. I asked the kids to stand barefoot in front of the camera and look straight into the lens (the audience). All I wanted was to capture their deep, immediate look in these locations. Shooting this project has been one of the most delightful experiences of my entire career, which is still with me after a few months. Here, I want to thank Setare Sanjari for her assistance and consultation in making of this series.


Alireza Fani